Board of Directors

Tom Epp, Chair of the Board of Directors

Catherine Irwin-Gibson, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

Sue Epp, Secretary of the Board of Directors

Peter Sheppard, Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Stephanie Connidis, Board Member

Ingrid Harle, Board Member

James Holsworth, Board Member

David Ibbott, Board Member

Martha Kennedy, Board Member

Aveleigh Kyle

Aveleigh Kyle, Board Member

Ryan Wartman, Board Member

Executive Committee
Tom Epp
Sue Epp
Catherine-Irwin Gibson
Peter Sheppard

Resource Committee
Peter Sheppard
Martha Kennedy

Human Resources Committee
Catherine-Irwin Gibson, Chair
David Ibbott
Tom Epp

Standards and Quality Assurance Committee
Aveleigh Kyle, Chair

Residential Hospice Working Group
James Holsworth, Chair
Catherine-Irwin Gibson
Peter Sheppard
Martha Kennedy