Grief and Bereavement Support

Witnessing and experiencing the ebbs and flows of an end-of-life journey for a family member or close friend is understandably a powerful, emotionally intense and draining process. Hospice Kingston’s bereavement support offers help to enable people to process their reactions, feelings and questions as they anticipate or experience the inevitable loss of someone close to them.

Our dedicated, compassionate, well-trained bereavement support volunteers help family, friends and caregivers to cope with their grief. Volunteers assist in many of the immediate and practical tasks of those who are grieving. Our clients have an opportunity to share their pain, memories, fears and even anger in a supportive, affirming and caring environment.

Receiving support at the right time can help those in need to understand the grieving process and realize that the range and intensity of feelings they are experiencing are normal. All conversations take place in an environment that is safe, supportive and confidential. 

Our bereavement support includes three different programs:

  • Following the death of a family member or friend, our clients can meet individually with a bereavement support volunteer for one-on-one support in a private and confidential setting
  • Our 7-week Adult Bereavement Support Group offered twice a year gives our clients the opportunity to share their feelings with others who are also grieving in a confidential group setting facilitated by a specially-trained volunteer.
  • An informal outdoor Walking Through Grief program for adults is an opportunity for adults who are grieving to share their expereinces, meet new people, be active and enjoy one of Kingston's nature parks. 

For more information, please call Kelly Bell 613-542-5013 ext 3  CLICK HERE for the referral form.