Stages of Grief

Facing the death or illness of a loved one and dealing with loss can be overwhelming. It is important in the grief journey that lies ahead to be able to talk about these experiences, reactions, and feelings. Hospice Kingston's Bereavement Support Program offers family and friends the support that they need as they take their first steps in this journey. Our dedicated volunteers can help caregivers acknowledge death; assist them in dealing with the more immediate tasks of living while grieving; share their pain, tears, memories, and stories; and provide insight into their experiences.

Support and companionship are very helpful. Anyone who has experienced the death of someone important to them, whether sudden or expected, can call Hospice Kingston.

Hospice Kingston's Bereavement Programs include:

  • Support groups
  • One-on-one volunteer support
  • An informal drop-in group
  • An informal walking group for adults
  • A lending library

What's to be gained from Bereavement Support Groups?

  • Giving and receiving support
  • Discovering that the feelings you are experiencing are normal
  • Gaining an understanding of the grief process
  • Having a safe and confidential place and time to share with others
  • Discovering that it will get easier and that the pain will begin to lessen