Wellness Program

It can be easier for someone to deal with a difficult, stressful and life-altering situation knowing they are not alone and that there are others facing similar challenges.

The  Wellness Program invites people living with a life-limiting illness to gather to support one another, learn strategies to help deal with various practical and emotional challenges, and discuss how to live well every day.

The Wellness Program promotes sharing and provides an opportunity to re-engage in activities that bring meaning and value to daily living. It offers a supportive and confidential setting for education, sharing information, peer support and companionship. Through peer engagement, members create friendships, receive and provide support, and express their feelings in an emotionally safe environment.  The weekly program begins with a support group segment followed by an informative guest speaker, activity, music, seated yoga or social time. Clients enjoy engaging in conversations with others. 

Wednesdays and Thursdays
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Via Zoom teleconference

For more information, please leave a message for Carole at 613-532-6274 or CLICK HERE for the referral form.