Walk in City Park

The Walk at City Park is a unique and inspiring landscape; a quiet place for the celebration of life, for beauty, and a whimsical place for play. 

The Walk is family-friendly, featuring a fountain, benches where one can sit for quiet reflection, memory stones built into the Walk's path, and well-landscaped and maintained gardens surrounding this little haven in the heart of Kingston. Flowers for every season reflect the cycle of life.

There are many heartwarming stories about the Walk at City Park,marking special events in people’s lives. The Walk offers something for everyone, from finding solace there to sharing the joy and love memories bring.

The memory stones are a meaningful way to recognize someone's life, milestones or achievements.

Our memory stones are available two sizes:

Border stone


Six rows of 10 characters

Pathway stone


Three rows of 10 characters

Interested in adding a memory stone of your milestones to the Walk? Call Donna Dwyre at 613-544-4900 ext. 51112 or send her an email.