Working Together

For more than three decades, Hospice Kingston has worked diligently to foster positive, on-going and co-operative working relationships with members of Kingston’s impressively diverse health care community. From general practitioners to specialists to alternative care therapists, we believe it is critical for all of the individuals and health care organizations working with a person in the end stages of life to be working with each other, together.
We are a resource for health professionals seeking guidance or information on end-of-life issues. We are a partner in that care continuum and work in conjunction with the client’s medical team to ensure their physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs are being met. 
Who can receive support from Hospice Kingston?
Anyone of any age with a life-limiting illness, at any stage of that illness, can receive support from Hospice Kingston, as can their families, caregivers and friends. The services are free to ensure Hospice Kingston's programs and services are accessible to all individuals and families. Hospice Kingston services are provided wherever the client needs them: whether they are living at home, in a long-term care facility, or in hospital. If those circumstances change, we work with clients to meet their needs. 
Does Hospice Kingston provide any help for the family after their loved one dies?
Hospice Kingston offers bereavement support for family, friends and caregivers to cope with their grief. Clients have an opportunity to share their pain, memories, fears and even anger in a supportive and caring environment.
How is Hospice Kingston part of the continuum of care?
Hospice Kingston works collaboratively with other members of the health care team to ensure comprehensive, holistic, person-centred hospice palliative care for clients and those caring for them. For more information about what we offer clients, click here, and for more information about what we offer to caregivers and family members, click here. Hospice Kingston's programs and services make the most impact when clients begin receiving our support as soon as possible after their diagnoses. This care can continue through the end of their lives and onto the bereavement of their friends, family and caregivers. By becoming more knowledgeable about our services and programs, medical practitioners can bring us into the process earlier. 
Why connect with Hospice Kingston early?
It takes time for trust and rapport to build between clients, their families and caregivers and Hospice Kingston volunteers and staff, and building these bonds is what makes our programs most effective. The earlier Hospice Kingston starts to work with clients and their families and caregivers, the better Hospice Kingston can support everyone involved in the client's end-of-life journey.
Who can make referrals to Hospice Kingston, and what does the process involve?
Referrals to Hospice Kingston come from many sources: physicians, social workers, case managers, other healthcare professionals, family members and friends. Once a referral has been received, Hospice Kingston contacts the family to schedule a visit at his/her place of residence to assess and gather information. Everyone should feel free to discuss hospice care at any time with their physicians, other health care professionals, faith leader or friends, and we encourage medical professionals to introduce what Hospice Kingston can offer to their patients sooner than later.
How do I make a referral?
To make a referral or to find out more information about how Hospice Kingston supports clients, please contact Dalitso Mzinganjira: 613-542-5013 ext.4. Download the referral form here.