Volunteer with Hospice Kingston


Do you want to make a difference in the community? Are you looking for a volunteer position?

Hospice Kingston volunteers are an integral part of our day to day operations. The achievements of Hospice Kingston are made possible by the volunteers who share their time and talents with the organization. Volunteers make a difference every day to the people we serve.  They are actively building Hospice Kingston’s future within the community through involvement in service delivery, fundraising, and administration.

Volunteers initially receive a minimum of 30 hours HPCO training as well specialized training for Community Hospice Services. This training prepares volunteers for the administrative services they may perform for the hospice or the ways in which they will be directly assisting patients, caregivers, and families.  They learn the overall needs of a patient during end-of-life, assistance with individuals and families with grief, loss, bereavement and understanding patient and health information privacy.

Volunteering in palliative and bereavement care is one of the most rewarding volunteer choices anyone can make. Not only does it make a huge difference to the person who is dying and their family and the bereaved but also to the volunteer’s own life. Volunteers learn to cherish each day, listen deeply and value life as a gift.

There are many ways to get involved in the work of Hospice Kingston!

Direct Care Roles:

  • Visiting Hospice: volunteers provide compassionate care and support to clients, and provide breaks for their caregivers and families. Volunteers spend a few hours a week with a client, providing companionship and comfort.
  • Bereavement Support: volunteers comfort and support family, caregivers and friends through the challenge and stress of anticipating or experiencing the death of someone close to them. Bereavement support volunteers offer one-to-one support to individuals in a caring, compassionate and confidential environment.
  • Bereavement Group Co-Facilitators: volunteers co-facilitate the 7-week bereavement support group, which run throughout the year. Volunteers work with staff to plan and deliver the group sessions, and during the sessions, they facilitate discussions and lead activities.
  • Walking Group Leaders: (Currently Susuended) volunteers lead the bereavement walking group (Wednesday mornings, spring through fall, at Lemoine Conservation Point Area), attended by bereavement services clients. The walking group leaders welcome participants, lead the walk, and provide conversation and support as needed.
  • Day Wellness Support: (Currently Susuended) volunteers support clients on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons as they participate in a facilitated support group segment, followed by a therapeutic activity like music therapy, arts and crafts, seated yoga and one-to-one time with volunteers. Volunteers participate in the group’s activities, provide support to individual clients as needed.
  • Wellness Music: share your musical talents with Hospice Kingston clients in the Day Wellness service! Volunteers who play a musical instrument perform for clients monthly (Wednesday and Thursday afternoons). 
Non-Direct Care Roles:
  • Special Event Days: (Currently Suspended) join us for the day of any of Hospice Kingston’s events to help deliver an enjoyable, fun day for community members and to raise money for Hospice Kingston’s services.


Please complete an Application Form or contact shannon.randall@hospicekingston.ca