Volunteer with Hospice Kingston

Hospice Kingston's achievements are made possible by the extraordinary commitment of volunteers: they provide in-home hospice visiting and respite care, grief and bereavement support, and caregiver support; they make special events successful; they keep our gardens beautiful and inviting; they fundraise; they reach out to the community with presentations and speaking engagements, and they serve on committees and the board of directors.

Again and again, we hear people in the community tell us how they know someone who volunteers with Hospice Kingston and how amazing they are - and we agree! In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we asked volunteers to share in their own words why they volunteer and how others can get involved.
“The most enjoyable part of being a Hospice Kingston volunteer is working as a team to make sure someone's life is happier. Being able to go to someone's house and step into their world helps you realize how important volunteer work really is. Having had the opportunity to meet with my fellow volunteers and hear their stories, it is evident that wonderful relationships develop. Not only do we as volunteers hope to make a difference in someone's life, the clients themselves do just the same!” Erin, In-Home Hospice Volunteer
"This volunteer role has aided in expanding my capacity for compassion. I have found that by meeting individuals where they are at, without judgment, a relationship can then be allowed to develop and trust to grow. Although our external circumstances vary,there is always a place of human connection." Aileen, In-Home Hospice Volunteer
"Volunteering at Hospice Kingston brings a sense of satisfaction that you're helping clients and their loved ones in a time of need. We both realize how end-of-life care places considerable stress on both the client and caregivers, and how a few hours a week can help alleviate some of that stress. We would both recommend to anyone who has a few hours a week to spare to look into volunteering at Hospice Kingston. The training provided is excellent, and the time you'll spend with clients and caregivers is enriching and rewarding.” Dale and Denis, In-Home Hospice Volunteers
"I am a bereavement volunteer, helping facilitate bereavement groups to assist people heal from loss and grief. It is an honour and a privilege to walk beside people at such a vulnerable time in their lives, giving them a chance to talk about their loss, and find their way in life after the death of a loved one. Volunteering for Hospice Kingston will deepen your appreciation for life by walking with those whose life is limited or who are grieving a loss. The need for services is always increasing, and Hospice Kingston needs volunteers who can make a difference by being present and compassionate.” Kathleen, Bereavement Group Facilitator

"Volunteering adds an important balance to my life, as I feel extremely privileged to do what I do with Hospice Kingston. I am able to be a supportive presence on a journey everyone will share at some time in their life. Joy, sadness, challenge, understanding, listening, sharing, acceptance, friendship - a few of the words that come to mind when I think of my experiences…. The truth is I receive much more than I am able to give." Gloria, Day Wellness Program Volunteer


“If you are thinking of volunteering with Hospice Kingston, joining the team is truly rewarding. It’s a great way to serve the  community you live, work and play in. What I like about being a volunteer is the fact that we have a broad range of skilled people supporting and working towards bettering our community. Plain and simple - helping others!” Ryan, Residential Hospice Working Group Chair


"I really enjoy helping out in general, and I have chosen Hospice Kingston because I thoroughly believe in the mission, vision, values and the service that the staff and volunteers provide. I am currently assisting with the accreditation process because I have participated in that type of initiative in the past and given my health care background, I feel I could make a contribution. Additionally, I believe accreditation is an important milestone for Hospice to strive toward." Eleanor, Accreditation Committee Co-Chair


“As a volunteer, I am given the opportunity to contribute to an effort that I believe will improve our city. I have lived my entire professional life in Kingston, and have raised my family here. I think it is important to give back to your city. I have learned about teamwork and community. None of us can build something like this alone; working together toward a common goal is vital to success. Just make the commitment, and think about the people who will reap the benefits of your work. There is no greater satisfaction than assisting an individual or family in their time of need.” Wally, THE TIME IS NOW Campaign Cabinet Member

“I enjoy being able to give back to the community I’ve called home for three years as a Queen’s University student. Having once been on the receiving end of community supports similar to Hospice Kingston, I know how invaluable the support can be during a very difficult time. I appreciate now having the opportunity give back. I would encourage individuals to reach out and look to see how their talents can be used to support others in the community.” Kayla, Office Volunteer



"Volunteering with Hospice Kingston is one of the best decisions I have made. The opportunities are varied and volunteers are welcomed to give whatever time and talent they are able. I have always felt supported in each of my volunteer roles and it is a joy to be a part of Hospice Kingston."  Barb, Community Liaison Committee Member



"While volunteering, I have gained new skills and experience and it has given me an opportunity to share my experiences with others. Since my childhood, I was always very motivated, caring and wanted to help other people in the community we live in and make a difference. Get involved like I did over 20 years ago, and still going without any hesitation. I love the people I work with at Hospice Kingston. Once you start volunteering, believe me, you do not want to stop!” Vinod, Chilifest Volunteer


"My role as a member of the Board is enjoyable because it focuses on setting the direction of the organization, and the key priorities which are essential to helping the organization grow and survive in an ever-changing environment of community need. In my role, the opportunity to use my community and administrative experience to support the staff and volunteers to serve and support people and their families at the end of life is rewarding and challenging." Allen, Board of Directors Chair


Interested in joining the Hospice Kingston Volunteer team? Click here to learn about current volunteer opportunities.