Welcome to Hospice Kingston!

You’ve come to the right place. Hospice Kingston was established in 1985 and for over 30 years has provided comfort, support, and companionship to people with a life-limiting illness, their caregivers and families, and those who are affected by grief or loss. We offer a variety of services and programs such as In-home Care, Day Wellness, Caregiver Support, and Grief & Bereavement Support. Hospice Kingston and its partners are committed to enhancing healthcare in our community and improving access to end-of-life care by building a Palliative Care Centre of Excellence.

The chilly weather is a reminder that the Hospice Gardens, Walk at City Park will soon be closed for the season. Any new orders will not be installed until the spring as the inscription process takes 4 weeks which brings us into November.

We accept orders throughout the winter as the install for spring is first come first served.

Want to talk a little about the process or have some questions? Email me at shannon.randall@hospicekingston.ca or call me directly at 613-542-5013 ext 9.


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