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Hospice Kingston was established in 1985 and for over 30 years has provided comfort, support, and companionship to people with a life-limiting illness, their caregivers and families, and those who are affected by grief or loss. We offer a variety of services and programs such as In-home Care, Day Wellness, Caregiver Support, Grief & Bereavement Support and Volunteer Services.

Hospice Kingston and its partners are committed to enhancing healthcare in our community and improving access to end-of-life care by building a 10-bed residential hospice and Palliative Care Centre of Excellence. 

Thank You Olivia!

 “I really enjoyed my time at Hospice Kingston while doing my high school co-op. I truly feel that I learned more from being in the workplace, and have so many advantages as I enter into the workforce and life after high school, than any school setting class has provided. I am so lucky I worked at Hospice Kingston as it covered so many aspects; professional, dealing with people, managing events, research, health care, etc. Not one day was the same at Hospice and from that, I learned so much. I am also very lucky to work with the people I did and create relationships outside the office. They were all so kind and generous and made it a fun, comfortable environment to come to each day. I can truly say that I was upset as I walked out on my last day, as it was such a great way of learning.”

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Thank you to the Lions Club of Kingston for donating $100,000 to The Time Is Now Capital Campaign to build a residential hospice. 


The Kingston Whig Standard Monday, March 6, 2017.

Hospice Kingston seeks input on new palliative care facility

"Hospice Kingston is saying the time is now for a new residential hospice and they're inviting the community to ask the board of directors some critical questions about it during a town hall this week."

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